HinSage Node Classification example


I noticed the example for HinSage node classification that was present in one of the prior releases has now gone:

That example wasn’t in a notebook, but it worked for me. i was just wondering if the example was dropped because there is a workbook based example planned/preferred, or whether there are issues with using HinSage for node classification in this example?

I’m working on using HinSage for node classification using that old example for reference, so knowing would help me out.


Hi gregoryking, thanks for your question!

I answered a similar question here: Node_feature extraction for hetrogenous graphs

So it wasn’t removed due to any particular issues with HinSAGE, it’s just requiring a new dataset to write a demo notebook with. If you’ve been using it as reference, I’d suggest following the link above to go back to the v0.11.1 release and look at the script there!

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